Moving Housing Forward

2021 saw success for OCCH and our many partners with the closing of a $312M multi-investor fund, coupled with $66M raised from corporate partners through proprietary funds. These dollars allowed OCCH to continue to expand much needed affordable housing throughout Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Tennessee. As a trusted partner of choice, OCCH and its affiliates deliver innovative thinking, flexible solutions, and reliable experience to our partners in raising equity and providing debt financing options.

Our lending affiliate, Ohio Capital Finance Corporation (OCFC) closed more than $80M in loans in 2021, providing funds to preserve, expand, and create positive and significant community development opportunities in disinvested and underserved neighborhoods. Ohio Capital Impact Corporation (OCIC), our philanthropic affiliate, provided funding to partners that supported strategies to enable residents to enhance educational and economic opportunities, and contribute creatively to the enrichment and revitalization of their communities. CPO Management, our property management affiliate, continues to go beyond traditional property management by providing innovative resident programs to promote long-term goals and self-sufficiency of residents.

Our vision of creating a world where stable, affordable housing is available to all drives us to advocate for Federal and State policies that move housing forward, eliminate injustices, and create win-win partnerships to meet future challenges.

A Letter from the President and CEO

Looking Back

When I joined OCCH as President and CEO in January 2021, I joined an organization that was financially strong, well-capitalized, and respected as an industry leader with a mission-driven culture. I joined an organization that collaboratively expands the preservation and creation of much-needed affordable housing while also providing opportunities for families, seniors, and individuals to thrive in their homes and communities.

This past year has shown me how a team of independent strategists working together to support each other, our mission, and our partners can transform us: innovating for better outcomes for our partners and communities, leveraging our knowledge and strength to drive deeper impact throughout our footprint. I am reminded of Mahatma Gandhi’s words, “A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history.” OCCH is proud to work together with all our partners who strive to make a difference, push the limits of what is possible, create change, and impact lives.

Although the nation and our industry are still operating within the challenges and unsettling times created by the COVID 19 pandemic, OCCH performed strongly in 2021. As a financial intermediary that leverages private capital through investment partners, OCCH has raised and deployed over $5.3 billion in equity since inception, resulting in more than 55,000 units of affordable housing. We provide capacity and expertise as a trusted partner in affordable housing equity and debt financing options, deliver products and services necessary for our development partners to be successful, and address the needs of our residents through supportive services.

OCCH could not succeed without the hard work and expertise of our partners who help make a difference in people’s lives and promote self-sufficiency and self-esteem. We are grateful to our investors, developers, property managers, public sector partners and the OCCH staff and Board who together create and expand economic, financial, and social opportunities for residents while revitalizing communities.

In 2021, OCCH:

    • Raised $378M in investor capital.

    • Invested $315M into 40 projects.

    • Ohio Capital Finance Corporation (OCFC) closed more than $80M in loans, received $625,000 in Financial Assistance from the CDFI Fund to expand its lending platform, and forged a new partnership with CareSource to bridge the digital divide with our residents.

    • With philanthropic support from investors, as well as OCCH dollars, we granted more than $1.8 M to partners for resident workforce trainings, summer camps, wellness programs, and computer and internet access.

    • Created a dedicated team committed to cultivating diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in our workplace and partnerships as we stand in solidarity with our employees and communities to address and eliminate injustices.

    • Rebranded our training platform with the creation of the Affordable Housing Training Academy, expanding and delivering e-learning content to the industry and OCCH partners.

    • Continued to deploy capital and resources, particularly in underserved communities, to address resident needs identified during COVID 19.

Moving Forward
We are continually inspired by the dedication and loyalty of our nonprofit and for-profit developer partners, CRA and economic investors, public housing authorities, and local and state governments who work with us to create economic opportunities and impact those most in need.

We are driven by our mission to advocate for Federal and State policies that move housing forward while eliminating inequities. Our commitment to the neighborhoods and communities we serve is tangible, with many OCCH staff participating on local and national industry boards, volunteering in the community, and serving on focus groups that support community development.

Thank you to the OCCH Board of Directors, the OCCH staff, our partners, and all those individuals and organizations that continue to support our work. We look forward to expanding our opportunities together in the future.
Catherine Cawthon
President and CEO


Our Team

OCCH is a team of independent strategists working together to support each other and our mission through collaboration with our partners to further affordable housing for all. Our empowered, driven team delivers trust, stability, and expertise to our partners through innovation, products and solutions that provide a competitive advantage.

Commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
OCCH is committed to being an employer that welcomes all people, and we strive to be a place of inclusion and belonging. We endeavor to understand and embrace the rich and diverse backgrounds that make us each unique – our passions, cultures, perspectives, identities, and challenges. Different thoughts, opinions, and life experiences do not just benefit our teams; they lead to greater innovation and better outcomes for our partners and the communities we serve. Beyond our vision of creating a world where stable, affordable housing is available to all, we aim to challenge biases; and we stand in solidarity with our employees and communities to address and eliminate injustices. We are intentional about cultivating diversity, equity and inclusion in our workplace and partnerships, and we have a dedicated team focused on transforming the way we do business - through representation, education, allyship, and opportunity.

Senior Leadership

Catherine Cawthon

President and CEO

Tony DiBlasi

Executive Vice President, Asset Management and Operations

Jay Hartranft, Esq.

Executive Vice President, Risk Management and General Counsel

Brian Langmeyer

Executive Vice President of Development

Jennifer Mullaney, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

Jennifer Seamons

Executive Vice President, Capital Markets

Jon Welty

Executive Vice President of OCCH, President of Ohio Capital Finance Corporation

Chad Ketler

President and CEO, Community Properties of Ohio

Asset Management & Operations

Christy Abdella

Asset Manager

Sharon Alban

Administrative Assistant

Bryan Bates

Software Engineer

Kathie Bowen

Administrative Assistant

Raymond Butler

E-Learning Strategist and Multimedia Designer

Sandra Chapple

Senior Administrative Assistant / Office Coordinator

Mike Dant, CPA

Asset Manager

Susan Goss

Client Relationship Manager

Granville Harris

Manager of IT

Mike Hennessee

Systems Administrator

Chris Ledwin

Senior Asset Manager

Royce Lewis

Vice President, Asset Management

Tina Limo

Senior Compliance Specialist

Mary Kay Meagher

Director of Operations and Communications

Amber Moody

Compliance Coordinator

Janice Rausch

Asset Manager

Mackenzie Rawlings

Asset Manager

Ken Schaefer

Asset Manager

Melanie Shapiro

Director of Compliance and Training

Will Shelby

Asset Manager

Rhonda Snyder

Manager of Corporate Events and Conferences

Wolfgang Teran

Director of Dispositions

Lori Tillis, CPM, HCCP

Vice President, Asset Management

Anthony Tynan

Senior Asset Manager

Marcus Vivona

Senior Vice President, Director of Asset Management

Capital Markets

Danielle Carman

Investor Relations Officer

Eric Klipfer

Senior Vice President of Capital Markets


Brad Carman

Senior Vice President, Development

Ashley Castricone

Development Assistant

Pleurat Dreshaj, Esq.

Development Officer

Elizabeth Long

Vice President, Development

Simone Malone

Business Analyst

Tiffany Patterson

Grants Manager

Joe Pimmel

Director of Development Services

Annie Ross

Vice President, Development


Sharon Anderson

Accounts Receivable Specialist

Frank Boggs

Fund Accountant

Lori Conrad

Treasury Management Specialist

Jake Heady

Senior Fund Accountant

Casey Hinkle, CPA

Vice President, Corporate Accounting

Tim Prince

Corporate Accountant

Tamara Samuel

Equity Specialist

Mariama Sheriff

Fund Accounting Analyst

Tamara Thelen

Reserve Specialist

Chadd Weisert, Esq.

J.D., LLM, Vice President, Tax

Human Resources

Joyce Perry

Director of Human Resources

Raymara Reeves

Human Resources Generalist

Nancy Rodgers

Payroll/Employee Benefits Manager and Executive Administrator to the Board


Millie Hurtt

Vice President of Affordable Housing Lending

Aaron Murphy

Vice President of Community Development Lending

Jodi Stickel

Lending Program Specialist

Risk Management

Myia Batie

Underwriting Analyst

Joe Erdeljac

Construction Manager

Kip Lewis

Director of Construction Management

Stephanie May, Esq.

Closing Attorney

Lori Monroe, Esq.

Director of Underwriting

Dan Scheinman

Underwriting Analyst

Ryan Schmitt

Underwriting Analyst

Keith Wilbur

Underwriting Analyst

Board of Directors

OCCH is governed by a passionate team of respected, diverse community leaders dedicated to advancing affordable housing through healthy, vibrant communities with strong supportive services. As community leaders in housing, finance, business, and real estate, our Board supports and advocates the OCCH mission while providing visionary direction and oversight.

Grady P. Appleton
Jeanne Golliher, Secretary
Dennis S. Guest
Hal Keller
John Lee
Thomas T. Loos, Treasurer
Richard McQuady
Angela Mingo, Chair
Jeanne Schroer
Susan E. Weaver, Vice-Chair

OCCH Financials

Statement of Financial Position


Unrestricted Cash45,084,70440,192,132

Restricted Cash27,328,65326,319,312

Accounts Receivable (net of allowance)3,759,70912,816,481

Office Furniture and Equipment (net of accumulated depreciation)99,19957,150

Other Assets1,100,1211,637,946

Investment in Operating Entities68,312,09871,609,241


Statement of Financial Position


Unrestricted Cash



Restricted Cash



Accounts Receivable (net of allowance)



Office Furniture and Equipment (net of accumulated depreciation)



Other Assets



Investment in Operating Entities






Liabilities and Net Assets

Accounts Payable1,153,5511,780,436

Other Accrued Expenses and Liabilities4,399,8745,107,467

Deferred Income15,217,77315,427,876

Project Partnership Cash Reserves1,833,9781,152,162

Mortgage and Other Notes Payable18,59916,299

Grants Payable38,322-


NET ASSETS$123,022,387$129,148,022


Liabilities and Net Assets

Accounts Payable



Other Accrued Expenses and Liabilities



Deferred Income



Project Partnership Cash Reserves



Mortgage and Other Notes Payable



Grants Payable











Statement of Activities (December 31, 2021 - unaudited, 2020 - audited)


Acquisition and Consulting Fees23,081,05522,447,571



Statement of Activities (December 31, 2021 - unaudited, 2020 - audited)


Acquisition and Consulting Fees










Program Services22,262,56921,196,643

General and Administrative3,334,5333,167,314

Loss (Gain) from Investments in Affiliated Entities(11,483,972)(2,991,748)


Change in Net Assets$13,686,248$6,106,790


Program Services



General and Administrative



Loss (Gain) from Investments in Affiliated Entities






Change in Net Assets