Revitalizing Neighborhoods, Impacting Lives

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Community Properties of Ohio Management Services (CPO Management) serves as the property management affiliate of Ohio Capital Corporation for Housing and manages a variety of affordable housing communities. Using the Housing-First model, CPO leverages affordable housing as a platform from which individuals and families can build stability and thrive. Through CPO Impact, our 501(c)(3) affiliate, we go beyond traditional property management to provide innovative programs that promote goal achievement and self-sufficiency for our residents. We currently manage over 2,500 units including our original CPO portfolio (982 units), as well as properties developed and owned by valued OCCH partners such as Homeport, Columbus Metropolitan Housing Authority, Connect Realty, YWCA/YMCA, Community Development for All People, Franklinton Development Corporation, Homes on the Hill and Volunteers of America.

CPO Managed Housing Portfolio

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Multifamily Project-Based Section 8

LIHTC Single-Family, Lease-Purchase Housing

LIHTC Multifamily Rental Housing

Senior Project-Based Section 8

Permanent Supportive Housing

Student-Parent Supportive Housing


CPO Impact Funding Sources

Eliminate the Elements®

Ohio Capital Impact Corporation

CPO Initiative Partnerships

CPO Management Reserves

Franklin County Board of Commissioners

Other grants & donors


Resident Services Objectives:

– Stable Housing

– Resident Growth

– Safe Neighborhoods

– Successful Children

– Community Learning

Empowering Residents to Prosper

CPO Impact |

Many residents have both the drive and capacity to move beyond the need for subsidized housing over time. In 2021, resident growth opportunities focused on adult education, financial fitness, family-achievement coaching, and linkage to stabilizing supports.

Sponsors: Franklin County Board of Commissioners, Ohio Capital Impact Corporation (OCIC), and United Way of Central Ohio

In Resident Emergency Funds dispensed to stabilize housing for CPOI residents at risk of eviction

Households served by the Resident Emergency Fund were families

Residents linked with the resources needed to stabilize their housing

Meals served to residents of CPO through collaboration with community partner agencies

Igniting Bright Futures

CPO Impact |

Children and youth make up 53% of our CPO portfolio population, including those from Columbus Scholar House for Student Parents. The greatest opportunity for impact is helping CPO children prepare for success. Strategies include home-based kindergarten readiness interventions, linkage to quality child care and summer camp, and community supports at Weinland Park Elementary School.

Sponsors: The Columbus Foundation, Ohio Capital Impact Corporation (OCIC), United Way of Central Ohio, American Family Insurance Foundation and Siemer Family Foundation

CPO children received free school supplies at our back-to-school event

Children attended OCIC-sponsored summer camps

Residents of Columbus Scholar House received college degrees (2012-2021)

Engagements provided by Resident Services team

CPO Children and Youth Ages

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0-5 years

6-12 years

13-17 years

Creating an Inclusive Culture

CPO Impact |

At the end of 2020, CPO was excited to launch their first Allyship training program. CPO understands that allyship is an important aspect of diversity, equity, and inclusion training. Recognizing our country’s past and continuing inequities and taking tangible, measurable, and most importantly, effective, steps to repair those inequities is completely aligned with CPO’s mission and vision. Trainings led by peers will help other CPO staff define allyship, understand identities, bias, and power dynamics, identify their personal reasons for being an ally, and understand how to practice allyship beyond their training.

Staff belong to an ethnic minority group

Staff are women belonging to an ethnic minority group